Current Indian Scenario

  • According to World Bank, while the Government of India has done an excellent work in the last 5 years from 2014 to 2019, towards reduction of poverty in India, and poverty levels have come down significantly, a large percentage of the population still lives below the poverty line (BPL).
  • Further, there are 20% ‘poor’ people who might be above the poverty line but can’t afford proper nutrition and education for their children.
  • 65% of India’s population lives in rural areas and nearly 50% of India’s population depends on agriculture for subsistence, whereas agriculture contributes only 14-16% to GDP. This leads to migration of masses to urban centers causing an overload on infrastructure.
  • This also gives rise to unemployment which in-turn causes frustration and despair and often leads to social evils.
  • A large number of the workforce is employed in the unorganized sector.
  • A large number of rural and urban workforce has no “marketable skills’.
  • Nearly 1.5 billion people worldwide, 22% of the world’s population, live below the poverty line. South Asia, China and Sub-Saharan Africa are major contributors.


Our Mission & Values

"If each one of us can take a step forward and make a small contribution, there will be billions of steps forward and our world will become a happier place with hope, peace and dignity for all. Let's feel the pain of others, let's be human."

"We truly believe that ‘Love’ means ‘To Give’. The more we give to those who are less fortunate, the more we show our love to God because the ecosystem that God has created requires everyone within the system to support each other, be it human beings, animals or nature. This is the basis for the sustainability of mother earth and thus the future generations."


Guiding Principle

"Education Is Somehing That Remains With You Even If You Have Forgotten What You Studied"

We will continue our small effort in Delhi/ NCR and also enadeavour to expand to other parts of the country.

We wish to enlarge our good collaboration with Sewa Bharti so as to ensure efficiency and transparency in our efforts.

Every milestone in life is not an end but the beginning of a new journey, a journey with greater responsibility towards our goals and renewed commitment to social causes.

"Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas"

Together let us build a healthy and strong nation



Women Empowerment

Empowerment of women is an important prerequisite for the development of humanity

Tailoring Skills

Empowerment of women is an important prerequisite for the development of humanity

Impact on Society

During the last 5 years, we have trained more than 1,500 girls

Yoga - Human Wellness

Women and men properly trained in Yoga can work as Yoga instructors 

Basic Computer Training

We empower women by providing basic computer training.

Training in Beautician & Mehndi

We will provide Beautician & Mehdi training courses

Personal Hygiene & Safety Measures Against COVID

We promote personal hygiene program 

Mentoring of Startups

We encourage and promote startups. In order to create jobs, we need more startups in India